Go behind the scenes for a peek into the making of America Wild: National Parks Adventure, details about the cast and crew, and remarkable facts about the national parks themselves.

Dancing with Devil’s Tower

Devils Tower National Monument is home to one of the most surreal marvels in America —the 1,267-foot (equivalent to 86 stories), improbably steep dome of igneous rock that erupts from the Black [...]

Narrator Robert Redford

Robert Redford is an ardent conservationist and environmentalist, a man who stands for social responsibility and political involvement, and an artist and businessman who is a staunch supporter of [...]

Meet Conrad Anker

Conrad is a climber’s climber, as at home on a faraway alpine wall as on the sparkling ice of his home canyon, Hyalite, in the Gallatin Range of Montana.

The Next 100 Years

As the National Park Service looks ahead to the next century of protecting U.S. treasures, it will pursue new directions in education, preservation and sustainability.

Meet Rachel Pohl

At the heart of the film is young artist and adventurer Rachel Pohl’s quest to visit all the national parks across the United States.

About the Filmmakers

Greg MacGillivray (Director) is a giant-screen documentary filmmaker who has produced and directed many of the most successful films shown in IMAX® theatres,

Art in the Parks

As the film unfolds, wild adventures and artistic expression increasingly entwine—reflecting the teeming cultural vitality of the parks.

Meet Max Lowe

Before he could even walk, Max was taken into the wilderness and packed along on adventures across the globe.

  • These parks belong to us, to people the world over. The parks give us a sense of awe, a sense of wonder, and in return I think we understand what a tremendous gift they are for future generations around the globe.

    Greg MacGillivrayfilmmaker